Working with our partners in New Zealand, we are bringing the very best in sustainable, easily implementable environmental and fish passage solutions to North America. All our systems and components for the North American market are manufactured here in the USA.


EKO-Rx Wave Powered Downwelling Water Quality Systems: Improving water quality while reducing algae blooms and hypoxic zones. In addition our downwelling pumps can create flushing circulation in coves and marinas. No chemicals, power or infrastructure needed and they can be located on shorelines, piers, docks, barriers or moored over deeper problem zones, etc.


EKO-Rx Flexibaffles/Aquatic Spat Ropes/Fish Ladders: Restoring movement within watersheds is critical for the life cycle of all aquatic species. Man-made structures, such as dams, weirs, tide gates and culverts impede or prevent these critical movement within waterways, streams and wetland habitats. For example water flowing through culvert pipes can be too fast/high, shallow, and/or perched which prevents migration beyond these barriers.


EKO-Rx Fish Friendly Tide and Flood Gates: Proving that restoring the bio diversity and health of eco systems through the tidal flushing of wetlands, specifies migration and spawning can be done while protecting property from high tides, storms and flood stage water levels.


Wave pump